Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I handed over my new, Interbike-brought Hydrapak Morro (best frikkin pack EVER!) to a racer this week. In dire need, I called Matt at Hydrapak to inquire when this new UBERPAK may be available again (they are new).
He said "Did ya get the care-package we sent you yet?" I said no, and then told him I'd order my new Morro next week. I arrived at work today to find a large box from Hydrapak with my name on it. Inside it was a Cornucopia of hydrationy goodness. Like the water-proof covers! It was packed to the seams with Gel Bots, insulated tube assemblies, new FLUME paks, and a couple of STREAMLINE paks. WOW, these guys are just frikkin amazing. They take such great care of us, why WOULDN'T we want them in our booth hangin' out at Interbike? LOVE these guys, and their products. You do too, don't you? Yes, yes you do.....


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