Thursday, October 22, 2009

'Cross Bob!

Hey Chris!
These are some pics from the Long Beach CX race, taken by PMBC member and TransWorld Motocross stud "FoFo" Forrest Hayashi. I finally broke my 14 streak, but with a 13! I got a good warm-up in and even got to the start early. But with 53 guys fighting for position before the first turn, unfortunately trying not to get involved in a crash is just as important as getting out front. The hot 70 mile ride I did on Saturday didn't exactly make me spry either (to quote some old guy I know). Lot and lots and lots of turns and super-lumpy gopher-holed grass made passing tough as well. I lost a few places on the 3rd lap, and had trouble with the sand pit, but I was able to rally back and pass 4 or 5 guys on the last lap. Brant ended up 2 places ahead of me in 11th. Thanks to Rog, V, Cheyne and Keyontae for cheering, see you next time!


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