Sunday, November 01, 2009

Ghett-O-Lanterns; Halloween In Columbus!

I coined a BRAND NEW WORD last night..the "Ghett-O-Lantern!" I saw this milk jug with a candle in it in my neighborhood and laughed for at least an hour.

Luka was Darth Vader, along with about 65% of the population of boys 5 to 9 years old.

Wyman Woods Park had a great little city-sponsored kids' party before Halloween. Free hot dogs, candy, soda and chips
with a hay ride and costume contest! Luka is seen here with the face he gives me when I tell him we are going for a bike the snow.

Lyd and I got to the hot-dog eatin' party early, so we could gobble up all the chili-cheese Frito's before everyone else got there!

Lyd was dressed up as Abe Lincoln, if he were mummified by ancient Egyptians.

Lizzie, Carolyne and Luka preparing to go out and get me candy. They had strict orders to weed out the crappy candy-houses and get me the good stuff.

Hundreds of families walked the streets in search of treats last night. The fall colors were great to trick-or treat in, and even better to ride the bikes in.

Please send any uneaten candy offering to me, as I am beginning the "bulking up for winter" process as we speak. Thank you and good night!


At 8:37 AM, Anonymous TheKlaw said...

That ghetto lantern takes the cake. Tears came to my eyes on that one. Reminds me of years and years gone by when you, me and Attria stole someone's 50 pound pumpkin, walked for mile with it only to drop it on accident a block from your house! The crap we did. No wonder u had to leave the state given all your warrants.


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