Monday, November 30, 2009

The Tratt Pack.

The Tratt show has been raging, and last weekend's session was a pretty good indication of how things will go from now on. The group of musicians that are to be regulars have already gained the name "The Tratt Pack" with each week bringing in new acts to keep things rolling.

The City Of Columbus' "Neighborhood Pride" program has also been really fun. Bruce Black appointed Lydia the Celebrity Judge and singing coach for a very nice and very talented group of middle schoolers. There are about twelve kids who have made the cut, and all have been making the effort to get to practice on time. The final talent show will be held at the King Entertainment Complex on December 16th, and will also include a few kids who will be dancing.

The Tratt will have a show each month from here on out, and we will be there to host it! I would recommend that you call ahead for a table reservation, as the past two shows have been packed!

Oh, and P.S...if you are interested in playing..BRING YOUR OWN CRAP..the biggest Chachi maneuver you can pull is to assume you can borrow someone's horribly expensive equipment. Just don't do it.


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