Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Even Jessica Biel Knows It's Good.

Actress Jessica Biel must read our team blog every day. How else would she know to drink it?

Jessica Biel (7th Heaven, Rules Of Attraction, Blade:Trinity, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The A-Team, The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea, etc.) was spotted walking around with the first production-run water bottles that Amino Vital made about a year and a half ago, undoubtedly full of Amino Vital Endurance Formula, Mandarin Orange flavor. I'm sure that because she reads our team blog, she knows it is from the leading producer of BCAA's on the planet, and each batch is tested for purity...just like Jessica! She likely was so enthralled by my interview at the Olympic Training Center last year in Colorado Springs, she had no choice but to try it.

If you are one of the last four people on Earth who don't use the Amino Vital products for your workouts and recovery, you should stop by the Arnold Classic sports trade show in Columbus, Ohio next month! Jeff "Tookie" Williams and I will be in hand to give out samples and pose with your wives and girlfriends. Stop by and say hi to the Amino girls, like Lil' Lydia Johnson who also moonlights as the Columbus ALIVE! Magazine "Fan Girl." What is she a fan of? Amino Vital of course...


At 3:46 PM, Blogger rushman said...

it had to be you in the CO that made her go to the best product on earth.....Ya it was all you !!!!!!


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