Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sagebrush Today! Roger's Race Report

Roger Hernandez, the Hardest Working Man In Mountain Bike Racing, with Vanessa and Claudia

Thanks to Timari "Booty" Pruis for the photos!

hi chris,

When are you coming back??? we all miss you and need you here to put your crazy spin on things...

I want to say thank you to randy for letting us stay in the house on wheels, vanessa, cheyne and I had hot meals and warm place to sleep and only about 100 yards from the start of the race :)

Thank you to jim wannamaker/kenda as always for hooking us up with gear and tires for the last minute tire changes and warm gear due to the wet / muddy weather that we are no used to out here in sunny cali.

special thanks to ara's friend short stack and timari who worked the booth all day sunday while I was up at the top feeding all the riders

race results.... so many :)

ara 11th place awesome, 1st time back into the sub human cat 1 category, heard he hasnt drank a beer in 3 months, ara you need to go back to what works for you, drink up

humberto 10th place amazing, super cat 1 division tough as nails, ditch the weight weenie water bottle cage so you do lose your amino vital next race and you will be faster

vegas bob 16th place, zoom, tough class, cat 1 also, lets talk about growth hormones and meth, xox

cheyne 11th place, someone needs a beating, cat 2 sandbagger division, my fault gave the flu to him and vanessa and hard to race with 1 lung and other one full of cheese

jaime (claudia dad), shazam!!!, cat 2 3rd place!!! now we know where claudia gets her speed from, great job

randy 6th place, bazinga!!!!,cat 2, sixth place again, same race same place as last year, once again go back to what works, randy didnt have coors the day before the race, body was in shock!!! plus the lighting scares him :)

mark 4th place, singing mtn biker, was rocking the hydra pak and the tomac carbide, problem was spending too much time trainning with rod at karokee bars :)

the girls!!!

claudia 1st place, kaboom, cat 1, lead up the comanding lead, at the final summit lost 28 seconds to a girl on 29er and came back to beat her on the downhill and sprint finish by 1 second!!!! boom goes the hammer stick

vanessa 2nd place, acheew, cat 1, great job for being sick, my fault again gave her flu and possible herpes, she promises to come back with a vengence next race!!!

new rider hondo jr expert somked his field 1st place more info to come on him

yours truly roger

ps great jon sean roberman pmbc cat 2, 12th place, would have done better if his rear derailleur didnt blow up :(

Check out the sweet PIRATE CUT sleeves on VB's jersey! Now THAT'S custom, baby!


At 10:02 AM, Blogger timari said...

I was SOOOOOOO counting on you to use the pic where Fuzz's mouth was looking like he was sucking on something! You are letting me down here captain! :) There were SO many possibilities!


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