Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bert Is Back! B&V Claim Co-Ed Silver At Corriganville Classic.

The one-two punch of Bert and Vanessa was an awesome thing to behold last weekend. Racing in the Corriganville Classic, the Dynamic Duo raced to a very fast silver medal finish! Bert came out of what I thought was a very serious injury-based retirement and absolutely lit up the field of fast riders at the event. Scary how fast he is, even WITH not racing for a year and dealing with a severely painful hip joint.

Bert grew a "flavor-Saver" patch under his lip in the off-season, so he can have a little bit of the Amino Vital Endurance Formula left over late in the race for a sprint finish. His Tomac Carbide (now in it's THIRD season) rocked it hard for the race. Vanessa would be the second fastest girl on the day, helping maintain an often enormous gap created by Bert. I was so happy to get the pix sent to me from Roger (of Bert racing again) that I almost couldn't believe it. Great shots of Vanessa, too! thansk to our Dynamic Duo for a great race!


At 6:45 AM, Blogger Tookie said...

I know I'll get fat, stay indoors, watch the Olympics in Vancouver.... We have had a hell of alot more snow here. So I'll C-ya this season supporting the big guys class.


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