Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Tookie To sign Autographs At Arnold Classic!

*POB has a knack for hiring "well qualified" help at the event.

Jeff "Tookie" Williams and I will be on hand with Amino Vital's Pete O'Brien Saturday for the Arnold Classic in Cbus. Please come by and let us hook you up with some sample product, and explain how completely amazing that stuff is! Look for the two TOTAL beefcakes in Backbone team won't find any that match that description, but YOU WILL FIND JEFF AND I! Stop by the Arnold Saturday and hang out..

**Lydia Johnson (black hair) posing with the other Amino Girls, and one LUCKY dude!

**"Consider that a divorce" says the Governator to Sharon Stone, his movie wife.

**The Amino booth as it appeared last year.

**Amino's Mindy Reger (the future Ms. Vegas Bob) showing off Charles' banner at Interbike.

**Remember what I said about the "talent?"


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