Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tookie Destroys His New Shoes

Hey, Chris
As you know I've been needing a new pair of shoe for the last two years. So yesterday was the first day out with the new 661 flights, these things are light and stiff (add comment Vegas!!! I know you want to.) But here's the set back, after a two hour ride and a couple of dismounts to walk some rocky climbs, the front cleat starts to rip off, on both right and left shoe. So looking closer at the cleat it is only held on by two hard rubber pins and maybe some glue. Now it's less then two weeks before may first race, does anyone out there in Backbone land have an idea to fix this before the cleats totally rip off. Thought about using JB Weld epoxy.
Talk later


At 10:53 AM, Blogger Vegas said...

That's crazy. Even though I can't wear my Flights too often because the buckle won't tighten down enough on my weird feet, the outers have been extremely durable. With two insoles and wool socks I am able to wear them in the winter, and in the two years I've had them I have done numerous all day rides and hike&bike rides. This includes the first edition of the Ultra Quest, and at almost 8hrs at least 1/3 was hiking over rocks and shaley trail. This also includes instances of foot dragging down gnarly steeps. I wish I could help but seriously my soles are in great shape, with not a hint of any of the lugs ripping off.

At 6:25 PM, OpenID Tursiops44 said...

Take your shoes to a cobbler, they can work wonders, really. I've had a pair of Northwave's now for over 7 years and have been back to the cobbler many times and they keep coming back for more. ShoeGoo also helps extend the life of shoes also. Eventually send them back for a warranty claim.

At 1:45 PM, Blogger Sharpie said...

Hi 44! Jeff had done exactly that the night he sent in that post, and is racing on them AS WE SPEAK in Zanesville, OH. Jeff hates o make with sponsors, so he will likely just race on them until they explode, then get something else. Thanks for the tips!


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