Monday, August 02, 2010

Anger Management.

Just a little update on the Lake Hope race. Everything went great the temp. was 89-91 degrees and low humidity for once. I meet up with Sean to complete the Backbone double threat. With a short warm up and a quick tune up (Thanks to the guys at ROLL BIKE). The start of my race was going just the way I had wanted until I was trying to pass a slower rider one mile into the sweeping downhill single track, I clipped a tree going about 25mph just on the inside of the slower rider. I then planted my face and shoulder into ground, trashed my knee and ankle on the bar. After a two minute system check to get my shit together and to make sure my shoulder wasn't broken or dis-located. I then set out on a pissed off mission to hunt down all the riders in my class and try to re-gain a few positions for point. The next 16 miles I continued to move up and finished in 2nd place.
Talk Later
(A very sore ) Tookie


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