Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vegas Bob's 'Cross Report.

*Thank you for supporting this prime demographic! :) Vegas Bob post-race.

Backbone's World Famous Vegas Bob didn't earn that name because he's normal. Far from average, VB's race calendar is also far from average...like never-freaking-ending not average. He races everything, every weekend, and typically spits in the face of the common "recovery" idea. Racing and medaling everywhere from Sea Otter to the U.S. Cup, Cal State 'Cross to the Tour Of Utah, this Ginger is mucho-loco.

The only time you won't see him on fabulous Tomac Carbide is during cyclocross races. There he runs a beat down and highly bastardized (read as "modified") road bike. Last weekend he was out tearing it up short track style during a So Cal 'cross race, and aout of a field of OVER 100 RIDERS, he took 10th! How frikkin' awesome is that?

Check out the wicked "Pirate Cut" sleeves on VB's 2009 team jersey...makes ya wanna' swab the Poop Deck! OK, maybe not.

Thanks to everyone for the help looking after the team...they earn your loyalty every day!


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