Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Return Of (614) Magazine!

My phone rang a couple of weeks ago, and on the other end of the line (if there is a "line" anymore, with cel phones?) was (614) Magazine's Travis Hoewischer. He was working on a HUGE story for the now-out magazine that was to bring to the forefront all things cycling here in Columbus. After a lengthy discussion about the rules, rites, politics and people that dictate the two-wheeled culture here, I was very happy to be one of the people who had been asked to contribute. The article was enormous, and THANKFULLY very well put together. It had to be difficult meeting the deadline for this piece, since every person interviewed had revealed a hundred other layers of virtual onion to add to the already bursting story line. You can read the article in whole by visiting their website, at

Thanks to Travis and (614) Magazine for asking me to be a part of another great story in their media pages!


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