Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Cave Crawl With Tookie.

Hey, Chris
The winter adventure weekend down here in Carter Caves, Ky was really cool and I don't mean temperture, although it was fairly nice once it warmed up to 43 degrees and the sun melted the 2-3 inches of snow in a matter of five hours leaving mud and ice patches every where.
The winter adventure weekend used to known as the cave crawl-a-thon, which numerous caves were closed off 3 years ago because of white nose bat disease, some of the non bat caves are still open, but not to the extent of why the crawl-a-thon got its name.
So now all the cool stuff happens above ground. Cater Caves put together every thing from hiking, canoeing ( over ice flows at times), extreme tree climbing, repelling, winter surivial camp, horse backriding, bluegrass music and the "squeeze box" competition.
I tried to do as much as I could in the two days and although there was no mountian bike I was still able to show off some of our sponsors gear like hydrapak on my winter mud hike, although some people still like carry their stuff in wal-mart bags.
I didn't go anywhere that day with my ryder sunglasses which got a lot complements and one brite ass headlamp from Sigma when I went on a 1:00am cave crawl with some friends in a private cave system,
while trying to squeeze my ass between rocks the height of end table, thinking I'm glad I'm not claustrophobic because this would be a real bad time to find out.


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