Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chuck-T's US Cup DH Report.

Yo Cap'n!
So I was hoping that pictures from the weekend would be posted a little quicker, but I'm still waiting on my usual websites to get them posted. As soon as they do I will send you some updated race photos.
It was a great weekend at the Fontucky Derby (AKA Kenda Cup West). Donny and the Southridge crew put together a great new race course. The track had a great flow from top to bottom, and even had a tricky steep section about half way down. The weather held off with only scattered showers throughout the week, and some drizzle in the morning before the downhill race. The course was tacky and FAST!
I decided, after much deliberation, to race expert/category 1 this year. I haven't had much time for riding and training so I felt this was justified. Despite not riding much over the winter I pulled off a 7th place finish in the expert downhill. This was my first time on my DH bike since the early fall. I had a smooth but cautious run, and am looking forward to participating in the remainder of the California State Series this year. Hopefully, with some more riding and training, I can turn that 7th into some podium finishes!
Also, I just emailed Joel at Tomac... I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my brand new Tomac Vanish 160! I plan on racing this bike (which is over 10 lbs lighter than my Primer 220) at Woodward and other short and smooth downhill courses this year. I will send pictures as soon as it arrives and is built!


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