Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Randy's Race Report; US Cup Fontana!


Well dude I guess I came out of a semi hiatus from bike racing this last weekend for the national at Fontucky! after listening to Kim telling me to go and have some fun I finally said ya what the I'll get spanked but go have some fun. So Wednesday night I signed up for super-d and x-c and Thursday off I went. Got up there and set up camp and sat and watched NCAA basketball oh and drank beer. So Friday morning I talked to Roger to find out when he would get there so I could help set up the Kenda truck then go out and pre-ride the course. I met the new guy Tony he seems pretty cool but not into the Mnt. biking just the BMX but I got to say he busted his ass the whole weekend and like I said way cool guy.

OK enough of the B.S. Saturday was super-d day so I went out to pre-ride the course and I have heard nothing but great things about this years course BUT not for me it is some what of a D-H course with rock gardens and some technical stuff and my tech skills are not up to snuff so I pulled out (did I just say that) instead of possibly getting hurt. So Sunday rolls around and I find out we are doing four laps instead of three and I'm saying right on six rides in six months and we are doing four laps boy this is going to be fun....

So off the start I was near the back and a half mile into it I am thinking holly shit if this is the pace I am fucked because I can't do this for a half a lap let alone four laps so I just settled in to a comfortable pace (SLOW) and just wanted to Finnish. Well half way threw the second lap my back is screaming WTF I thought we quit this!!!!! and I'm thinking I can't quit I have never quit a race yet and I'm not starting now so I finished and ended up getting eighteenth out of twenty three so I was happy because no way was I getting last.

It was sooooo nice to be back at the race's and hanging out with everyone I had a lot of fun and the course was unreal with the little rain that came threw made the dirt so rad it was unreal. I think I will be going to riverside this weekend (and Kim's going with right on) for the next one and looking forward to it. I also want to say thanks to all of our sponsors ( sigma,kenda,Tomac,hydrapak,KMC chains,661 sunline, and Ryder's eye wear) because with fuel going up like it is I wouldn't be able to go without there help.

Talk to ya next week.


P.S Thanks for all your help and support Roger!


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