Thursday, April 07, 2011

Randy's Sycamore U.S. Cup Race Report!


So after racing last weekend at Fontucky I got the itch back and being as I have never ridin at Sycamore canyon in Riverside I was defiantly in for this one and it helps that it is only an hour and a half drive from home. So Kim and I headed up on Friday night and after sitting on the 215 freeway for over an hour because of construction we rolled in around midnight. When we arrived I found the gate locked going into the parking area so we parked on the road, had a beer and hit it.

Saturday morning we woke up to the sho-air rig pulling in team big bears trailer and for anyone that hasn't been there you go threw the gate and UP a dirt road to the flats now I walked this on Friday night and didn't even think I would get my trailer up there because my truck is only two wheel drive. So the tractor trail rolls up and right at the crest he starts spinning and I'm saying shit I won't make it but he locks all four wheels and gets up there. I went over and talked to Tom from TBB and he said he would get me in, so Kim and I get the truck and get a run at it and in the same spot start spinning so they come over hook a strap up and pull us in.

We get camp all set up and Kim says unhook the truck I need it I'm rolling to the casino for the afternoon while you go out and pre-ride. The course was on the north end of the park and being as you grew up riding those trails you know what I'm talking about so I'm pre-riding thinking shit this place is fun as hell not a lot of climbing (more on that later) some really fun single track and some techy rocky downhills this place is a kick.

Race day is kick back because my start time isn't until 10:53 so I get warmed up and to the start I go. We take off and I am in the same boat as last week saying holly shit this pace is f-ing unbelievable I am going to suck!!!!!! but I settled into my slow pace again and rolled with it. As I said before didn't think there was a whole lot of climbing but in race conditions it sure felt like legs were saying WTF but it was just plain fun loved the course. I got thirteenth out of eighteen I believe but had and absolute blast and heard nothing but good reviews from everyone I talked with and I talked with Tom Speigal a little and hopefully we get to go back there again. In fact I am taking some guys from our Wednesday night group up there in a few weeks to just go riding I liked it so much.

I would like to also say a BIG thank you to my wife it was very nice to have her at a race again and she did a great job in the feed zone for me. Until the next one I'll talk to ya later.



At 5:46 PM, Blogger Vegas said...

Great report Randy! It was great to see you and the (young) old lady out there!


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