Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Ara's Amazing U.S. Cup Race Report!

Here is the Race Report!

Clay, silt, cow pies, grass straws, and water make great Adobe buildings. Or if you were racing at the Santa Ynez Valley Classic, 6th stop on the Kenda Cup Series, you'll know it makes a 20 pound bike race bike into atleast double that.

Never had great success at this venue.
Quick power climbs with long flat areas. Found myself in a ditch in 04' , encountered a very annoyed bull on the singletrack in 06' , and the beer-a-lap fiasco of 07' (75 miles and six-pack = *&%#). Felt confident going into the race because of the Big Bear race two weeks ago. It was drizzling a little on the way there but nothing to worry about, yet!

Had a horrible start like usual. Tried to stick to a wheel as much as I could but didnt want to blow up. Caught the group on the first climb which is steep and has some cruel switchbacks, the dirt at this point wasn't bad, made it through. First lap was going well, Humberto and Vegas Bob came blasting by in matter of minutes. I had the rival rider in my sights the whole first lap, caught up to him on the short climbs but kept on losing him on the flats.

Second lap starts off, finished off my first bottle of Amino Vital and topped of with a new one, felt alright... didnt have the legs I needed. Then it started. Light drizzle started on the first downhill section off the backside. In a matter of seconds my Kenda Karma were caked and down I go. It happened so fast, I just remember smacking myself on the muddy dirt and my wrist throbbing again. Jump back on the bike and few yards later BAM down I go again. This time I couldnt even walk in the mud, slipping and falling.

At one point on the 2nd lap I had to flip my back over 3 times and take off the wheels just to get the mud and straws out of my derailleur. The wheels would not turn. Walking and carrying the bike was the only way. I see my rival coming down the trail, he was done, going to head back. After some encouraging words to him he turned around and headed back out. Do I regret doing that? Hell no! It became more than a race at this point.

Finished the second lap, now the third. I actually stopped and thought about it. Would Teddy Roosevelt give up? No! Would Garfunkel quit? No! Simon would have ... I aint no Simon.

Third lap was much better because all the dirt was on everyones bike and body. I was even able to clip in my Xpedo pedals!! Finished it, cleansed my bike and soul, repent for my sins.

The scary part was the assessment of the carnage after the race. During the crash I lost my Sigma Rox 9.0 computer and my Ryder Sunglasses. I went back to the sight and there they were. Sigma computer still worked! Ryder sunglasses caked with mud, minus some scratches, is still wearible.
Royal gloves used to be white, but no tears and finger grips still there. My poor innocent Tomac Type-X, what have you done to deserve this? After 5 hours of stripping the frame and regreasing everything, its back and still has her white shine.

When I spun the rear wheel after washing it off at the hose station we noticed a massive wobble. Thought to myself "After 2 seasons the Spinergy Xyclone Disk Wheels have popped". Hold up, under the inch of caked mud I noticed my tube was bulging out of the side wall of my Kenda Karma. The wheel is still perfectly true and the tire itself kept together because of the hardened mud. Dude... how cool is that?

All in all it was fun... just like kids playing in the mud... literally. Thanks to all the sponsors for getting us to the finish line. Amino Vital, Kenda tires, Spinergy wheels, Xpedo pedals, Tomac bikes, Sigma Computers, Royal riding clothes, KMC chains, and Ryder Sunglasses.

Shout outs to Humberto for getting 3rd in Cat 1 ! Vegas Bob, Mark Thome, and Vanessa. Like always... Roger for doing what he does.

Thats not mud... thats doodoo baby !


At 8:24 PM, Blogger rushman said...

very sweet report fuz and now I don't feel so shitty for not being able to go because I would have blown a fuckin gasket to have to ride in those conditions I probably would have quit and started drinking and said fuck it.


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