Sunday, January 01, 2012

Tookie's Inro To Winter.

Hey, Chris
We had a three day break in the weather down here and when I say, a break, I mean three days with out rain or sub 20 degree temps. Friday was great, but muddy Saturday was a little harder with a lot of hiking my ass up hills because of the 12 horses traveling the opposite way mulching the trail up for 10 of the 16 miles. Sunday with my legs numb and a cold front moving quick I was just happy that I was out on the bike for the new year and with a lot of help from double scoops of Amino Vital that I made it through the long weekend ride.
Talk later,


At 4:23 PM, Blogger Vegas said...


Nobody tell Tookie it's 80 degrees here this week. He might ride out here just to elbow me in the face.

Oh, and from now on I'm going to include the Word Verification word I have to type in, just cuz they're mostly funny. Today's gem is "notogey"


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