Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Hey Captain!
What a season!? From podium spots at the UCI race to the meltdown in Long Beach, it was a fun season but long. 12 races out of 14 for the series, I am officially tired and burned out. My goal was a top ten overall, trying to top my best  of 18th overall from last year. What a difference a year makes..and a cyclocross bike. Consistently getting a top ten at the races, 6 podium spots, and almost winning one of them was rteally exciting. Earning a 3rd place overall in Class B was surreal, made me edgy at times fighting for my place, but kept the me going through the end. Hearing the race announcer say "Ara Movsessian from Backbone Adventure Cycling" gave me goosebumps every time. It all came together this season mentally and physically, hoping to transfer this over to the upcoming mountain biking season. Of course I couldn't do this without the support from home and afar. Big thank you to Joy and Stack who supported me at the various races, especially Joy. It means a lot to have somebody to help. HUGE thanks to all the sponsors who support Backbone Adventure Cycling. Big shoutout to Roger from KENDA TIRE for hooking me up with great tires for the various conditions. The Kommandos for grassy flat courses and Kwickers for the mud were great. Ken is the man!! Thank you for the XPEDO CXR pedals. Never had an issue clipping in and out with these pedals in the mud. Amino Vital for hydration/nutrition was perfect, got me recovered enough to do two race weekends! SIGMA computers analyzed my training and racing data so I knew where to improve..soooo much data gathered. H & S Bike Shop for the Giant TCX hook up was a big help. Made a world of difference. Made new friends out there week in and week out. Anthony, Ben, Mike, Curtis, Griffith, and many more. Time to take a break and get the batteries charged for the mountain bike season!


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