Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Randy Is Back And So Is Winter.


Randy Rush is back! Great to have one of our vets back out having some fun.

It's true you know. Hide the sheep, Randy is back! Randy has been out of action for a little while, but has returned with his new sled, a 2014 Giant Anthem. Rolling out of his Ramona, California home with new rider Ricky Lundberg the two lads were set to race XC (Randy) and Super-D (Ricky). Randy's race report is as follows...

Randy's new Giant Anthem looks race-ready!

After a four year hiatus I got back to racing at my favorite course.........good old Fontucky! I was so happy to get back. I haven't done much riding because of work but I didn't care, just wanted to be back around cool people and a great industry. Let me just say "THANKS" to you and our team sponsors for sticking with me! I knew I would get back to it,  just didn't know when. That being said, on to the races.

So I headed out Friday mid day so I could sign up and not fight the crowds in the morning. Ricky Lundberg couldn't come out Friday but was coming out Saturday morning to just ride super D. I chilled Friday night and made sure I was ready to go for Saturday morning. There was a huge crowd this weekend and we had 16 in my class!  I was a little shocked and kind of expected more but a good turnout anyway.

Off the start I wasn't going to push it as I didn't want to explode by the time I got up the paved road.  I didn't have a lot of miles in my legs so far. Donnie had changed the course since I was last there and they go up the paved road only about three quarters of the way. Then you go left up some steep technical single track to the top of the "elevator" (I think you know what that is). I have only ridden once and it is rocky and some parts very technical single track downhill that they also use as part of the super D course. So I was running towards the back on the first lap but having a very fun battle with three other guys. They would climb better than me but I could descend better so it was back and forth and soooo fun.

Starting the second lap I pushed a little and got by all three and was feeling ok .then boom! I hit the deck they go by. I catch back up and hit the deck again! I fell for a third time but no damage done pushed as hard as I could and ended up 13th which I'm cool with.

I was signed up for super D also but after looking at and pre riding the course I wasn't comfortable with it. They had a couple rock gardens in it that for me were kind of sketch and after pre riding those I figure out I was freaking tired! so I opted not to ride that.

I hung out with Roger from Kenda and caught up on BS helped him at the end of the day pack up and had a few beers.

A very big thank you to ALL of our team sponsors.........Kenda tires, Sigma Sport, Ryders Eyewear, Xpedo pedals, KMC Chain, Formula Brakes, Hydrapak, Amino Vital, without all these top shelf companies helping us out I wouldn't be able to do this!

Might not make it to round two as Trevor is back from Italy but I will be at the rest. Til then have a good one man.


Meanwhile, in the great white north of the country the White Death is in full effect. Not one to sit on a trainer for five months of an Ohio winter, a great mobilization has taken place with the help of Jon Hanshaw, also known as "The Angry Cyclist." Heading out from the roll: Polaris location every Sunday in the kind of weather that would make Frosty The Snowman depart for Sumatra, the group defies all common sense and heads out in to the morning freeze.

Sunday, January 11th 2015. It was about 18 degrees, but who cares? We don't need no stinking trainers!

It takes a lot to get out of bed when the mercury sits near zero. That did seem to deter the likes of cyclocross racer David Spurlock, solo Continental Divide rider Ron Young, bike mechanic to the stars April Curatti, roll:'s own Anna Haney, Novatec Wheels' Jake Scott, road racer Meredith Gabriel and the rest of the headcases yesterday. The snow was deep and fresh, and with a variety of bike types ranging from my 26" Ti hardtail to Ritte/BMC/Giant 'cross bikes, 29ers, 26" Anthem W, Felt fatties and a 27.5 steel framed Raleigh everyone had to approach the ride differently throughout the day.

The magnanimous David Spurlock on his Ritte Crossberg on the singletrack..errr..non-existent-track.

It was great to see so many new and veteran riders willing to get together and ride in the snow, ice and pavement for three and a half hours. Think "Bad News Bears" in lycra. The nice thing is that I think we will have just as great a turnout next Sunday:) Watching Ron ride across the frozen edge of Alum Creek Lake with his studded 'cross tires was a sight to behold.
Jake Scott out for some fun in the white stuff.

The old Titanium FCR just keeps on going. Fun bike for the snow!
My trusty old 2006 Titus FCR hardtail was equipped with KENDA 2.35 Nevegal tires, complete with the old Side Wall Shield tape! My trusty Sigma ROX 10.0 allowed me to retrace the steps via GPS later, since I had no idea where in the hell we were. Formula R1's allowed precision braking over frozen logs while in the singletrack trail network, and my trusty Hydrapak Tamarack kept me hydrated and well prepared for anything.

 The overcast day saw me break out the yellow lenses for the Ryders Eyewear pictured below, and as always they fit so well I never knew they were on my giant head. No rust at all on my KMC gold Ti chain either, and I never missed a shift! XPEDO pedal precision meant that I also never missed a cleat engagement or release depsite my shoes being packed with ice and snow...and frozen beach sand...weird.
Pictured with me are The Angry Cyclist (Jon Hanshaw), Jake Scott, David Spurlock, Ron Young and guest.


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