Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Timo's New Trailer

what up biatch!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sorry it has been a while! i have been super busy with life in general. trying to get riding in before we got hit with the crappy weather (it's officially HERE!). we have snow expected all week, which is good for the mountains, cuz we need it! maybe i will get some snowshoeing in this year unlike last year and a little more skiing as well.

so, i figured since i now have some pics of my "double wide" (NO, not may ass!).........more or less my "trailer trash princess' castle". it is probably not as white trash as you would like to see, i know................, it is "brand new white trash". i did include a picture though of the trailer hitch it came in on! thought you might like that added effect! i dont know where the wheels went though, i think they kept that part.......we at least put the sucker on a stem wall, so it is on a foundation.......none of that gay lame ass "skirting" that most folk 'round these parts have! no sireee bob! so, by the end of next week, or maybe even the end of this week, we will officially be living in "the dub". as always, all my kenda homies and backbone peeps are always welcome to come visit and stay! we even have a guest bedroom in "the dub"..........yeah, you won't even have to sleep out in the the dog house with the dogs! anyone who wants to come up skiing is more than welcome, and when springtime and summer come, the mountain biking can't be beat! maybe you need to have a mid-season camp and ride up here in tahoe! that would be bad ass.........the riding ins KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the update, Booty. Miss you tons, and appreciate the updates and constant additions to the blog! Hope you don't start crapping out babies w/ K-Fed now that the new trailer is up and running. Oh, and I know you are in Tahoe, but tornadoes and even hurricanes are now not out of the question...be careful, them trailers are trouble!



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