Monday, December 17, 2007

Hydrapak's New Uber Bottle, Gel-Bot!

Kyrsten at Hydrapak has been after me to get some of these for you guys, and they look pretty cool! You can actually drink and gel-load in the same motion! No more added 3lbs. of electrical tape and gu-packs strapped to the top-tube, or waste all over the trail. The Gel-Bot solves a ton of needs not just for the racer, but for the feed-zone attendants that look after you (Roger). No more trying to hand a bottle AND a gu packet to a guy/girl flying by you in a pit area that the UCI won't let you run in.

***The "Energy Core" for the water bottle*****

I am hoping to get some of these in soon for you guys, and maybe we can but some beer in the bottle, and maybe a chicken wing in the "energy core!"

****The new Gel Bot bottle w/the "Energy Core"******


At 3:22 PM, Blogger Vegas said...

My roommate that works at Buy My Bikes! got one when he started road riding a couple months ago and he loves it.


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