Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Southridge DH Glory Time!

Hey Captn. how they hangin bro? I sent you some photos from the SRC banquet from last Sunday, and promised that I would do a little write up for you.

Kim, Trevor and myself rolled up to Fontucky on Sunday for their year end awards ceremony and met up with Mr. T and one of his buds that races against Trevor (that I can't remember his name sorry dude). Anyway we had a good time! They had the bar open and Red Bull catered hot wings (you should have been there).So anyway Mr... T ended up fourth for the year in semi pro and Trevor did indeed end up third because of the b**** that was on the course at the last race. It turns out there's a video of it some were on the internet and she also got hit THREE TIMES that day! What a dip**** but we had a good time and we'll be ready for winter series in three weeks and Trevor will be riding sport next year.

ps. the kid that won Trevor's class has won it the last two years in the beginner class ain't that great can we say Johnny O.
see ya dude.

Thanks Randy! See ya soon home-slice!


At 10:45 AM, Blogger Vegas said...

GREAT JOB GUYS! Just remember next time to wheelie over the muffin tops on the course!


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