Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Hayden Run Falls

If you look really hard, you can find the good in just about anything...except Hawaiian Gardens in Long Beach...

Every corner of the country has someplace, no matter how small, that makes you like where you are. Columbus has a few, and the deeply cut groove off of Hayden Run Road is one such place.

Just west of the large bridge that spans the Scioto River from hwy 33 to whatever the hell that part of Columbus is called lies Hayden Run Falls. Lydia had never been there, and sadly enough it sounds like many residents hadn't either. Just a few miles upriver from us here in Grandview lies thi little gem. I ran up there today in the fresh powder to take some shots of this semi-frozen water fall and canyon.

I wish it were longer of a hike in, so that it would make a fun mountain bike ride with a great pay-off. Summers here are probably crowded, as a nice swimming hole lies at the bottom. Eaton Canyon, behind the Rose Bowl near Sierra Madre in CA is like this area.

The slightly frozen creek looks great, with strange shapes of icy water frozen in place by the sub-twenty degree weather. The drive was well worth it, as I was out back this faternoon in less than 45 minutes. It's a shame that so few people are evn aware of it's existance.

Carry a camera on your bike rides, people, and go find these places. Send me pictures of your secret little gems so we may share their splendor with everyone. You don't have to reveal their location, just send me the pics!

Another spot that few of it's residents even know about is Nojoqui Falls (Na-hoo-wee)in Solvang, CA. I'll credit Christine from the Union Hotel with showing me that one.

***Ming and Mai Tai at Nojoqui Falls in CA****

***The mineral deposits form a fan in this native sacred site near Solvang, CA***


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