Friday, March 07, 2008

Tookie Attacked By Tick-Bag!

This sent in from my Beast In The East, Tookie...

After all the crap weather we've been having here, today was nice and sunny in
the mid 60's. So this made for a great day for a road ride. Here in the
tri-state area their are things that only enhance a road ride, like holes in the
road that can swallow your front tire, and the relaxed leash law for dogs in
country that requires you to sprint at the drop of a hat. Any way I had my
season opening road ride cut short when a 60Lb dog came running through a side
yard, heading towards me were the big bastard jumped a four foot ditch landing
directly in front me!!!!! That's right I T-Boned him right in the side, sending
my ass over the front bar, skipping off the road for the next 10-15 feet on my
back, head, ass, knees, and what ever else wanted to touch the the road. After
getting up and doing a system's check, and road rash evaluations, I felt all the
amino vital liquid pouring down my back through a dime size hole in my Hydrpak,
so now I need find out if the dog is OK, that bastard didn't hang around long he
bolted from the sence, so I guess he's OK. I turn around for the six mile trip
back to the house pissed off because my ride was cut short on such a nice day.
Also we need to give a thanks out to hydrpak, I pulled a rock out of the bladder
the size of a marble. That would have HURT!!!

Talk Later "Tookie"


At 11:46 AM, Blogger Cap'n said...

Had you bitten that dog, I'd have to check IT for Rabies! If it were female, I'd check it for BABIES!


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