Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Five Food Groups

Although your food guide pyramid may include ketchup (or catsup) thanks to the Bush Administration who considers that a vegetable....I exist on an entirely different set of building blocks.
XC, DH, STXC, SD, and 24hr races are my bread and butter, meat and potatoes, fruits and veggies...and maybe a legume or two. Like a heroin addict who is too old to "trick," and too broke to buy the next fix, I nervously anticipate the next race, race report or rider photo that comes down the pike. Winter in Ohio will see me all pasty and bent from the scurvy-like effects of the slowing race season. That's the nice thing about being a national team I guess. Even when it's weld-seam-on-my-bag deep in snow...somebody somewhere on this team has a race to do. With a 4 month period jam-packed full of racing like we have coming up (almost 30 races total on the schedule),

it should keep me happy into the crappy season here. Right now, in California the team is slugging it out on the hot and dusty course at Santa Barbara's Eling's Park....and I wish I could be there. I will have to live vicariously through Roger's race report, and Darter's amazing photographs. Tonight, Lyd plays outside at the Old Bag Of Nails and that will be fun too....maybe I can figure out a way to combine them....hmmm....

I'm hungry.
Can someone pass the catsup?


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