Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Lyd Plays Tonight/Sunday!

Lyd relaxing prior to last year's Camp-N-Ride.

Lydia will be playing TONIGHT at the THIRSTY EAR on 5th Avenue in Grandview, OH tonight. She has been working up some older songs that she hasn't played in a loooong time..and a couple of new covers for those who enjoy music they have heard ten billion times! Yay, crusty old songs that talented people feel like they have to "cover" because they are surrounded by folks who would rather hear "Sweet Home Alabama" than something fresh and new. Billy Zen will no-doubt be there singing his heart out, as well as the regulars and not-so-regulars that always make Wednesday nights FUN!! Come meet us after 8pm for a beer and some friends. Guest pianist Amanda Reass will join her on a song or two tonight!

The calm before the storm, waiting for her set on a rainy C-Bus evening.

This coming SUNDAY, at about 5p.m., she will also be playing at Grandview's OLD BAG OF NAILS bar/restaurant to prepare for upcoming BIG GIGS in New York, Atlanta, and back here at the 'Ear (headlining on Sept. 18th, mark it!). It will be an outdoor patio show if it doesn't rain...o.k., who am I kidding, it's crappy Ohio..of course it will which point she will play INSIDE. The fish and chips are highly recommended, and the beer is COLD.

Lyd and guitarist/drunken sailor Joe Minerd

Come and support the area's best musician, and have a beer with me and we can talk crap about someone's mother! That's always fun...

To hear a sample of her music, click on the MYSPACE page link to the right and check it out. See ya tonight and Sunday!

Singing for the hungry masses at the 'Ear.


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