Friday, June 06, 2008

Randy And Kim's Excellent Adventure

Captn. Rizzel

Hey I just wanted to send a report on Kim and I's weekend last week. I know it's Thursday but I'm just now getting sober so I can send this to you.

So Kim's b-day was May 25th so she decided to go to Vegas for a week with a friend of her's. Now, she asked me to go for the week but I can't do Vegas for that long. I told her I would fly out on Wednesday and drive home on Saturday and her friend would drive out with her and fly home on Tuesday.

So I land in Vegas Wednesday at around 7:30 and call Kim to find out were to meet her. She tells me and I find my way there. I call her and say I'm here and she asks me what I'm wearing.... and I'm like "What the f**k? I'm the only one standing here, just drive by and you'll see me!" I tell her and hang up. So three minutes later this guy rolls up and says "Do you need a ride?" and I'm like no got it covered dude, but thanks. He says "ya' I think you need a ride." I’m saying "Who the f**k are you?" He tells me he has what I want over here, and to come on. I follow the dude to a white limo and there's Kim sitting there with the camera. Now mind you dude, it was HER b-day week (that’s how we do it, b-day WEEK ) and she's picking me up in a limo and it was great... but the best is yet to come.

We head into Vegas and Kim's got champagne on ice and beer on ice so we get right to it (drinking you gutter slime, that’s in a few minutes) so were cruising the strip and b.s.' ing, and I tell Kim it's time to close the window to the driver. What’s funny the driver told Kim you can do what ever you want but don't get my seats dirty! I asked Kim if she told him don't worry, because our tem is sponsored by NOMAD and we can clean ANYTHING with our power washers by NOMAD!

We had the limo for a couple hours so Kim talked with the driver and then we pull into this place, get out and this BIG som bitch tells us go on in. I'm like "where the hell are we?" Then I see big posters and I figure out were at a strip club and I'm like cool. The club was called the Spearmint Rhino and what a club it is WOW. There were more “dancers” there than patrons it was great. So dude this guy is sitting next to me and Kim and I are watching him and a girl comes up and talks.. then does some serious grinding then gets up. He pulls out the wallet and she goes away, five minutes later the same routine and this happens like five times and Kim and I are just laughing because this guy has on Dockers a button up shirt and a freakin sweater wrapped around his neck and a weeding ring but never excused himself to go USE THE RESTROOM it was hilarious. Anyway I got absolutely freakin trashed and had a great time.

I got up the next day and Kim and I hung out at the pool. Oh and I started drinking at around 9:30 10:00 and just hung out. Oh we also went to a show on Friday night and saw Chris Rock's nephew or something and he was a scream, so to close we had a very relaxing, extremely drunken week and it was great. I know this is not racing but I thought it was cool so I wanted to let you know.



At 8:57 PM, Blogger Vegas said...

What is this Vegas place you speak of???

At 10:45 PM, Blogger taylor said...


At 8:00 AM, Blogger rushman said...

V.B. I don't know what vegas is but I found out you can get in alot of FUN trouble there


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