Monday, November 24, 2008

Tomac Cortez & Automatic

The Cortez in the paddock at Sea Otter

There are two great choices out there from Tomac for the budget conscious XC racer, and they are extraordinarily nice for the money. The CORTEZ is the Bradbury designed aluminum hardtail, very close to the ones that the RLX Polo team raced in 2004 (Jimena Florit, Dave Wiens, Jeremy Horgan Kobelski, you know..)and WE bought in 2005. These frames climb like goats on crack, and build up to a paper light race bike with plenty of mud clearance. The CORTEZ 2 retails for about $1699.00 dollars, and has a great parts pic on it.

Ryan Blanchette floating the front on his RLX POLO team bike at Sea Otter.

The Automatic waiting for a test ride at Sea Otter.

The Automatic is a more value oriented full suspension offering from TOMAC, with all the same killer design features as the Carbide..just made in aluminum instead of high modulus carbon. This little wunderbike retails for about $2,000.00 and is a killer deal. Anything that Doug Bradbury designs is going to work..except maybe for that time he cut the brake arch off of that Manitou Skareb just to see if it would still go out and get one while you still have a job! Click the Tomac link on the right for the full spec sheets and geometry, as well as a list of bike shops who sell them!

A fuzzy shot of the Automatic at Interbike.


At 12:38 PM, Blogger CJA said...

Do you know how the Cortez rides compared to the Type X ?

At 8:27 AM, Blogger Sharpie said...

The Cortez is a very stiff bike. the box-section stays are perfect for someone who doesn't want to waste ANY energy while climbing. A great way to soften it up if you want too is to add a Spinergy rear wheel to it. The Vectran spokes do a great job of dampening it up.

The TYPE X, despite it's High-Modulus carbon layup, is also a very stiff, racer-guy ride. It's a common misconception that carbon is always "soft." They can make it how they want it, and the TOMAC stuff is made to race and punish. The thing about the TYPE X is the weight. At 2.5lbs for the frame, it can build you a uber-sweet and sick-light bike. Mine weighs in at 22.5 lbs in an XL, bar ends, disc brakes, and a 100mm fork...w/nothing Ti or carbon but the frame!


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