Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fresh Snaps From Darter!

Hey Captn, So another Fontucky has come and gone and for me some was fun and some was miserable but overall a good weekend.After arriving Friday night a setting up the rain just kept coming down so Saturday comes and Donnie asked if I would go out and mark the course with him and I agreed (you know get one up on the competition by seeing the course) ya right any way it was a little cold but the X-C course was in great shape just a little standing water in a few places but tacky as all hell. This week they cut everyone's laps back to normal so I was stoked about that, we had twelve guys in my class and I started in the back and never really caught very many guys and ended up with eighth place again this week but I felt a ton better and didn't die so it was a good race for me. So with about a thirty minute break it was off for the super-d race, we got shuttled up to the start and it was f***in cold up there so we waited about thirty more minutes for stat time and about thirty seconds before starting here comes the wind and the rain. Now this probably would not be so bad but the last part of this course was the back side of the x-c course and we were pedaling right into a strong head wind and getting pelted in the face with rain. The course was really fun though and I ended up third in the sport class and probably could have done a little better but I f***ed up one little short climb at the end and had to push but oh well. Now on to down hill it rained for a while on Saturday afternoon so I wasn't even going to do any D-H practice because I hated riding mud on my motorcycle so I dam sure don't like it on a bicycle, but it cleared up and off to practice I went and let me tell you the course was unreal, traction everywhere it was a lot of fun. Saturday night was cool we had Darter, Jay Shawn, Trevor,and myself and Jay brought a D-H DVD so we watched and listened to Darter screaming I'M GETTING PUMPED FOR TOMORROW. Sunday morn it started coming down again and probably harder than any other time over the weekend so we all went up to practice and I went threw three or four corners and said f**k this it was like a small river running right down the fast line so back to the trailer I went and told the guys have a good time I'm not racing in this shit and the only response I got from everyone was DON'T BE A PUSSY and that's funny because that's the exact same thing Kim told me when I talked to her. Anyway the rain stopped and I did my race run not really good this week but I got threw it and got second so it really wasn't to bad and I'm really kind of liking this D-H thing. Well it was a fun weekend and great to hang out the team guys and we will be back in two weeks.



At 12:04 PM, Blogger Vegas said...

Sweet pics, but don't try to tell me that Randy doesn't have Coors in that Amino Vital bottle!

At 8:21 AM, Blogger rushman said...

VB come on man I'm not feeling the love. (but you are right)


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