Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The 2009 Marzocchi Corsa Cento

Jeff just received his new CORSA CENTO today! His Carbide will be one bad-ass mo'fo' for 2009!

XC 600 SL 44 ATA Micro

Corsa Series
"The Corsa and 44 series shows our commitment to cross country excellence. This fork is the culmination of years of development by our own R&D department as well as racing in Trans Alps and other cross country events. You get the lightest, durable fork with any of the XC series."


- 100mm Travel
- TST Micro (Lock Out, Micro Adj. Comp., Compression, Rebound, Terrain Selection Technology)
- Remote Control for Lock/Unlock Selection
- SFA (Single Function Air: Pos. And Neg. Air Adj)
- Alloy XC Steer Tube & Crown
- 32mm Nickel Coated Alloy Tapered Stanchions
- 6” Post Mount (Max Disc 8”)


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