Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Backbone Welcomes The Amazing Claudia Espinoza!

Backbone's Claudia Espinoza recently WON the GOLD MEDAL in the National Olympics in Mexico for U-23!

"Hi Chris,
Claudia is doing good! We plan to go to Colorado with Roger and the team! Thanks for accepting her on the team."
Jimmy Espinoza, Claudia's father

Claudia Espinoza has just signed on with the Backboners for the remainder of 2009 and on through 2010! Claudia is amazingly fast. She has spent the last 14 years racing in the U.S. and Mexico! She is 19 years old, and has a race resume longer than my wife's legs. That's long, trust me. Here is a sample of what she has achieved thus far..

'09 National Olympics, Hermosillo Mexico GOLD MEDAL
'09 Big Bear Shootout Silver Medal
'09 Sea Otter Classic 7th Place
'09 Sagebrush Safari GOLD MEDAL
'09 Tour Of Murrieta Bronze Medal
'08 Brian Head NMBS 4th Place
'08 U-23 Road Race Championships 17th Place
'08 Santa Ynez NMBS Silver Medal
'08 Roger Milliken Memorial Crit GOLD MEDAL

I look forward to helping Claudia achieve her goals as an athlete, and am proud to have her on board. Thanks to California Team Manager Roger Hernandez for an outstanding job with Claudia and the rest of the West Coast Backbone Adventure Cycling team!


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