Monday, June 08, 2009

Santa Barbara Race Update!

Roger keeping the 'cross fleet clean with the team's Nomad.

Santa Barbara was beautiful as always... little cloudy and in the high 60's...

Brant got 4th in Super D and Vegas did his first Super D and was only 6 seconds behind Brant!! I think he got 7th.

Vanessa got 2nd in Super D.

XC was tough race for Vegas Bob. The only reason he stays on the team is because he has a chicken suit, and isn't afraid to use it.

He had to do 4 laps and it was humid. He was in the lead up 1st climb, but by the end of the race was worn out. Vanessa same thing. Starting in the top 4 up the hill, she ran out gas by the end of the race and was a little over heated. Cheyne (NEW BLOOD) had shifting problems and was just happy to finish on his new converted-during-the-race single speed. The new girl Claudia came out SWINGING and easily nailed a 1st place... I will send pixs tonight and Vanessa will file race report.

**Thanks guys! Welcome to the newbies!! Sounds like the SD was really fun, but XC in the humid and muggy heat must have been miserable. Great job anyway to everyone, and thanks to Roger for the hard work!****


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