Saturday, November 07, 2009

Winter DH Clinic Hosted By Charles!

Thanks to Chuck-T (seen in the first few seconds of class) for this video!

Fontana Sport DH Clinic from David Hardwick on Vimeo.

Yo Chris,
So last weekend, a couple of my local riding friends hosted a free intermediate level DH clinic at Southridge. I decided to roll out with them to have some fun and try to give my two cents worth of advice whenever I could. The turnout was great, about 12-15 people showed up, and it looked like everybody had a great time. This is a little compilation video that one of the riders took; the first few seconds are me demonstrating how to ride one of the lower rock gardens, the remaining are the other riders. I was really impressed by a few of them who claimed to have only been riding DH for a few months. Apparently they took up DH mountain biking as a "safer" alternative to moto and quads!


P.S. The annual Southridge fall race is just around the corner! Who's coming???


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