Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Randy Rush Sagebrush Pre-Ride Update.

Yo Chris,

It's been a long while since I've had anything to send ya so I thought I would send a little write up on last weekend and just check in. I haven't been on a bike in over five month's because I have just been busy with life in general, but one of the guy's from the Wednesday night group ride called on Friday and said they were going down to ride Sagebrush on Sunday morning and he knows how much I love that place so I told him your dam straight I'm going.

I've never ridin there on anything except my race bike so I was excited to get the Snyper ready and head down. So I'm rolling down there and around pine valley I looked at my thermometer in my truck and it reads 34 degrees and then flashes ICE and I'm thinking oh F-ing great because we all know what a pussy I am when it gets cold out (OK this is where you, tookie, and Sean start laughing) but I'm there so I got my ass out dressed as warm as I could and was ready to go.

We had a group of nine show up and left the trucks at around 8:15 and it was 36 out. We get about a mile up the pavement and my cheeks and ears are hurting like a bitch but by the time we got to the top at four corner's it was good so on to the fun we went.

Now we had a lot of rain in December and no one new what to expect on the course but let me tell ya it was in the best shape I have ever seen it it was soooo fun and it was great to be on my bike. We added a piece of single track that they took out of the course a few years ago so we did right at twenty miles but did not do the pro climb and downhill because some were tired and the rain was coming. Anyway I wasn't planning on racing there this year because I haven't riddin and I'm not in great shape but I'm better than I thought and how in the world can I miss Sagebrush HELL NO!!!!!!!!!

Well the Tomac Snyper was awesome the Kenda's hooked up great, the Rox told me we did two thousand feet of climbing and my Hydrapac Laguna kept me hydrated and held my PB and J for when I got hungry so it was a GREAT time.

Hopefully it won't be so long until I have something to check in with and I can't wait till the race.

Peace out!



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