Monday, February 07, 2011

Randy Hits Cuyamaca


Damn dude, no word for months and now two in two weeks! Anyhoo.. this weekend the group went up to Cuyamaca to ride and I have never ridden there so I was excited to go. The group I ride with goes up there once a month to ride "sweep" (whatever that is) but four of them are volunteers with the Forest Service so they ride there quit a bit.

I know you have riddin and a lot of the team has ridden there a lot, but I never have ridden there. When you had the Camp and Ride at Pacacho that was when I first met everyone but didn't ride that Saturday. So we went up Saturday morning and rode the Grand Loop on the north side and also added the Lucia trail. It was about a mile and a half out and back to the Grand Loop, and man when we rode that coming back I just kept thinking this would be a very fun super-D course.

So anyway back to the Grand Loop.. man that thing is an ass kicker! We did 27.5 miles with 2700' feet of climbing and it was fun as hell. The fire road down the back side is about 3.5 miles long and there was still snow on the ground. I have never ridden in that before but it was a kick.. and if there wasn't snow there was eight inches (insert comment) deep mud and that is a fast downhill. That place was so much fun I will be going back with these guy's once a month for sure.

Thanks to ALL our sponsors because without them I wouldn't have all the equipment that I have and be able to do the riding that I get to.

Peace out!



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