Monday, February 14, 2011

Fuzzy's Palm Springs Report!


Hey Chris, hope everything is well in Ohio with the family and all. Just wanted to send a word to you about our first event of the season, the Palm Springs Century. Last year we had 5 riders in our group but this year we only had two, Mr. Osgood and myself. My brother is getting over the flu so he was bummed out not to join us in the desert. This is a great ride because it is easy enough to do as a training ride or just go balls out. We decided to take it easy and do it in 6 and a half hours. Felt great at the end of it, I actually rode this morning as a recovery ride. Overall, feeling really well on the bike. The core work is paying off, the lower back pains have eased up. Threw in some sprints and pulled a massive train a couple of times during the century.

Thanks to Sigma for the data we got on our computers, Kenda Kriteriums, Expedo Pedals for easy clip outs at the crowded sag stops, Voler for comfortable riding shorts, Amino Vital for the Endurance Powder and Royal for socks and gloves.

Two more weeks until Sagebrush.... the Rage is coming.

Talk to you later,



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