Monday, January 16, 2012

Randy's Racers and Chasers Report!


Well Saturday was a fun race day with Robert's racers and chasers crew down at Balboa park right next to the Velodrome. I did this race two years ago and it is a blast so even though I am not in top race shape I had to go race.

Race time was changed from 9:00am to 10:00am because there were so many people there so that gave another hour to get ready to go (which I needed) so after warming up I headed up to the start and this is the only thing about how Robert runs the races I kinda don't care for, he runs all the sports together (all class's) which means we had like 80 or so people taking off together but luckily this course can handle it, it's a long long wide straight.

So off the start I am going to just play it safe and cruise so I don't burn up because we are going to run 4.5 laps with each lap running about 4.5 miles with only 300 feet of climbing per lap. I have no idea were I was at position wise at all during the race with that many people and no leg marking for age's so I just wanted to be consistent and finish were I finish.

This course has a half lap which runs threw a very slow chicane were the scorers are so on the fist half lap we get into it with everyone totally bunching up (kinda like the first lap at sea otter) and this f-ing douche nozzle stats passing people in there then nock's this girl off her bike trying to pass so I am thinking ok dude I will find you out on the course! and I did and had a few words with him and told him if he had a problem come find me after the race.

The problem with this is I was around this a-hole the hole race! on the third lap I was kinda gassed and he passed me and I was like no way is this going to happen so I kept him in sight and rested at the same time. On the last lap I pushed it and passed him along with a few other guys and ended up finishing 8th out of 14 guys so it was a good day and a fun one also, the only problem was Kim was in AZ! it's aways nice when she's with me.

I also want to say thanks to all of our sponsors Kenda, Amino Vital, Sigma sport, 661 sunline, Tomac bikes, Ryders eye ware. We have the best sponsors who stay behind this team so a big thank you to all of you.

It's off to Fontucky for round two of the winter series next weekend and then Robert has another race the week after at black mountain. check out racers and chasers web-site for all his races it's cheap and a good time.

Talk to ya next week,



At 12:41 PM, Blogger Sharpie said...

Way to stand up for the ladies Randy! We like lady racers, so knocking them down is a no-no..:)

At 2:46 PM, Blogger rushman said...

The dude was a jackass and doing it on the fist lap when EVERYONE was bunched up! and to top it off knocking down a female? he didn't have anything to say to me and I looked for him after but no where to be found imagine that.... If you read this Ken (xpedo) I cincerely applogize for forgetting xpedo in my thanks to sponcors.


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