Friday, January 06, 2012

Winter Pic From Columbus.

Yesterday was a rare nice day for January the 5th. At 43 degrees and sunny, it was almost like summer here in the Cap City. With the mountain bike in "Dual Sport" mode thanks to the road bike being hooked up to the trainer in the basement, I headed out in cold but stark beauty of the afternoon. Rolling up alongside the Olentangy River I couldn't help but notice how great the bike felt. Kenda Kozmik Lite II tires at 80psi were quiet and FAST, and my rotors were NOT dragging thanks to the stupid-light and well designed Formula R-1's. I would enjoy their phenomenal "feel" later in the ride while breaking through icy sections of singletrack off the paved path..hence the name "Dual Sport." My ROX 9.0 Sigma computer works STILL (after four years) flawlessly even in the near zero winter temps here too..which is nice.

Today, we are enjoying the last warm day (50 degrees) before it dips back intop the low 40's and below. Vacant was the bike path and adjacent trail network save for the migratory waterfowl that had been duped by late warm days. In three more nights any goose left on the river will likely have his flippers frozen for good. I took a picture, because from here on out, the basement will not be NEARLY as nice to look at.


At 6:42 AM, Blogger Tookie said...

Chris you can come down 2 hours south, the snow just melted, it will be a little muddy, but rideable and you may need to put the slant six's back on.


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