Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gold In Tahoe, Bronze In Ohio.

Well, let's just say when I woke up this morning and checked the weather channel and it showed a giant blob of green over the entire state of Ohio, I was thinking that figures I just shined the Tomac up from a nice muddy ride earlier in the week. The lake hope course can take a little rain, but 6 hours of rain and over 300 rides I knew this was going to be 17 miles of mud soup.
I suck at starts in the rain my leg felt like dead tree stumps, so I tried to set back and ride smart, I kept saying don't slide into a tree like you did last year and wait to let your legs warm up a little.
By the time my legs wanted to work I was dropped back to ninth place of so in my class, so I had to go with the riding smart plan. The course was muddy, sticky, slippery and just plan shity. Everyone was fighting chain suck within the first three miles, my Ryder glasses were caked with mud to the point that wiping them off with my mud caked Royal gloved wasn't helping, but I'm here to say that my SlantSix tires are the best tire I've put on a bike, and they helped in every muddy corner with no sliding what so every and dug in on every climb keeping the Carbide glued to the ground. The Tomac looks a little rough after the race but it made it through mud caked KMC chain and all, I battled back up through the pack riding smart with no wreks into a thrid place finish. Let's do it again in two weeks.
Later Tookie

Vegas Bob and Timo Pruis teamed up in Lake Tahoe this week, and worked hard together to grab the GOLD! With Timo's recently acquired swimming skills, and VB's mad short-track skills..they managed to best their field for the win! GREAT JOB to everyone this week!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

12 Hours Of Capital View With Tookie!

Hey Chris, I wish you were there at this race last week, but I know you needed a vacation (excuse to drink more beer than usual) even from all things bike related. I tried to facebook between every lap about the race, but that only worked when I wasn't shoving food and Amino down my hole. This was the most fun I've had racing in a long time for one I was sooooo out of shape from 11 weeks of student teaching where I could only find time to ride on the weekends. So, I asked my friend Josh to race it with me, yes the same Josh who I bloged about four months eariler
who just started riding.
I rode the first lap of the race, I didn't want to throw Josh in the fire yet, with all the tire rubbing that comes with first lap racing. Josh took over on the 2nd lap and took off like a scared deer, at the half way point of his first lap he was on pace to turn a hour lap on a course that expert rides were riding in 55 minutes a lap. I was freaking out!!!!! That boy was riding the rubber off his small block 8's. Josh finished his first lap in 1:05, but there was still ten hours to go.
We rode out the rest of the day with an average lap time of 1:08, Josh had one bad lap were he had a flat and broke a chain (not a KMC chain) and had to run the last 2 miles. It was a fun race with no expectations, but just to finish we didn't even know how we placed until they called us up for 1st place in the sport class with a 102 miles complete.
I can't wait to race another with Josh at the end of the season, maybe I'll ask him to race a 24 hour race with me, now that's suffering.
Talk later
And after the chain broke on Josh's bike we switched out laps on the Tomac carbide that stayed of the race course for 7 hours non-stop, talk about a beat down.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kenda Kup West Final in Big Bear, CA!

The Backboners all ascended on Big Bear, California last weekend to slug it out for the last round of the Kenda Kup West series, and we came out with some really great races and over-alls! Here's how it all stacked up..

Overall / Final Standings for the 2011 US Kenda Cup West Series; here's how all the Team Backbone racers wound up on series results:
Vanessa Humic, 1st O/A Cat 1 Women 30-39
Humberto Castro, 5th O/A Cat 1 Men 30-34
Vegas Bob Snyder, 5th O/A Cat 1 Men 35-39
...Ara Movsession, 8th O/A Cat 1 Men 25-29
Mark Thome, 5th O/A Cat 3 Men 45-49

Additional Team Backbone racers overalls for the 2011 US Kenda Cup Series:
Eric Bradley, 10th O/A Cat 1 Single Speed
Manuel Perez, 11th O/A Cat 2 Men 15-16
Matt Thome, 15th O/A Cat 2 Single Speed
Randy Rush, 28th O/A Cat 2 Men 45-49
Jaime Espinoza, 39th O/A Cat 2 Men 45-49

Saturday, June 18, 2011

160 Miles With the Fuzz..


Hope all is well with you and the family.

We completed the Los Angeles to the Mexican Border ride on Saturday. What a great journey! Starting out from home and making it all the way down to San Ysidro was an epic journey for me because it was the longest I have ever ridden in my life in one shot. Passing through all the historical sites and the beach towns was incredible. Climbing up Torrey Pines on mile 128, racing into Old Town San Diego, and then through Downtown San Diego was my favorite part. The adrenaline rush of the thought of actually finishing the ride gave me a boost for the last 20 miles or so. Out of the 16 riders that started this journey only 3 of us made it to the end. Mauricio, Cuban Juan, and myself.

This personal achievement couldn't have happened without our proud sponsors. Personally would like to thank Molly Thompson from Amino Vital for her support and ongoing work she does for our team. Without Amino Vital I would have never had the amino acid supplement and recovery to ride 160 miles in 10 hours. It is still amazing to me how fresh I felt throughout the whole ride. Never had a notion of cramping up or fatigue. Actually got stronger after the 90 mile mark where we had stopped for lunch and I refueled with Amino Vital Endurance Lemon. The day after I actually went on a ride around San Diego for a recovery ride, felt that good! The other riders were even asking me what that white powder was and many of them tried it out during the ride with great results. Most of the riders had Cytomax, Hammer, or Gatorade-like drinks but Amino Vital blew them out of the water.

Thank you again...

Until the next Epic ride coming very soon...


Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Ara's Amazing U.S. Cup Race Report!

Here is the Race Report!

Clay, silt, cow pies, grass straws, and water make great Adobe buildings. Or if you were racing at the Santa Ynez Valley Classic, 6th stop on the Kenda Cup Series, you'll know it makes a 20 pound bike race bike into atleast double that.

Never had great success at this venue.
Quick power climbs with long flat areas. Found myself in a ditch in 04' , encountered a very annoyed bull on the singletrack in 06' , and the beer-a-lap fiasco of 07' (75 miles and six-pack = *&%#). Felt confident going into the race because of the Big Bear race two weeks ago. It was drizzling a little on the way there but nothing to worry about, yet!

Had a horrible start like usual. Tried to stick to a wheel as much as I could but didnt want to blow up. Caught the group on the first climb which is steep and has some cruel switchbacks, the dirt at this point wasn't bad, made it through. First lap was going well, Humberto and Vegas Bob came blasting by in matter of minutes. I had the rival rider in my sights the whole first lap, caught up to him on the short climbs but kept on losing him on the flats.

Second lap starts off, finished off my first bottle of Amino Vital and topped of with a new one, felt alright... didnt have the legs I needed. Then it started. Light drizzle started on the first downhill section off the backside. In a matter of seconds my Kenda Karma were caked and down I go. It happened so fast, I just remember smacking myself on the muddy dirt and my wrist throbbing again. Jump back on the bike and few yards later BAM down I go again. This time I couldnt even walk in the mud, slipping and falling.

At one point on the 2nd lap I had to flip my back over 3 times and take off the wheels just to get the mud and straws out of my derailleur. The wheels would not turn. Walking and carrying the bike was the only way. I see my rival coming down the trail, he was done, going to head back. After some encouraging words to him he turned around and headed back out. Do I regret doing that? Hell no! It became more than a race at this point.

Finished the second lap, now the third. I actually stopped and thought about it. Would Teddy Roosevelt give up? No! Would Garfunkel quit? No! Simon would have ... I aint no Simon.

Third lap was much better because all the dirt was on everyones bike and body. I was even able to clip in my Xpedo pedals!! Finished it, cleansed my bike and soul, repent for my sins.

The scary part was the assessment of the carnage after the race. During the crash I lost my Sigma Rox 9.0 computer and my Ryder Sunglasses. I went back to the sight and there they were. Sigma computer still worked! Ryder sunglasses caked with mud, minus some scratches, is still wearible.
Royal gloves used to be white, but no tears and finger grips still there. My poor innocent Tomac Type-X, what have you done to deserve this? After 5 hours of stripping the frame and regreasing everything, its back and still has her white shine.

When I spun the rear wheel after washing it off at the hose station we noticed a massive wobble. Thought to myself "After 2 seasons the Spinergy Xyclone Disk Wheels have popped". Hold up, under the inch of caked mud I noticed my tube was bulging out of the side wall of my Kenda Karma. The wheel is still perfectly true and the tire itself kept together because of the hardened mud. Dude... how cool is that?

All in all it was fun... just like kids playing in the mud... literally. Thanks to all the sponsors for getting us to the finish line. Amino Vital, Kenda tires, Spinergy wheels, Xpedo pedals, Tomac bikes, Sigma Computers, Royal riding clothes, KMC chains, and Ryder Sunglasses.

Shout outs to Humberto for getting 3rd in Cat 1 ! Vegas Bob, Mark Thome, and Vanessa. Like always... Roger for doing what he does.

Thats not mud... thats doodoo baby !

Monday, June 06, 2011

U.S. Cup Santa Ynes! MUDBUTT.

Humberto's medal from Sunday's race!


Vanessa Humic, 2nd place
Humberto castro, 3rd place
Mark Thome, 5th place
Vegas Bob and Ara both with 6th place finishes!