Wednesday, November 26, 2008

An Update From Corty-40.

Yo Cap! It's Colorado Court. Amino Vital rules! I will write the forums. Sorry I have been a stranger but I fell into home improvement hell after the race season. I finished 5th overall in sport 35-39 in the Mountain States Cup. I had a tough start to the season with four hours of sleep after getting stuck in a snow storm on Vail Pass for 4 hours with a 4 year old. I blew up in the time trial that morning and had the xc the next day. I drank Amino during and after for recovery and was able to race well in the xc the very next day. The end of my season my truck broke down on the way to my last race in Breckenridge again with my family and I missed the race. The highlight of my season was Crested Butte where I finished 7th and got to hang with Roff and Schippers. Thanks for your support and all you do with Backbone, and to all the cool people that ride for Backbone! Happy Thanksgiving dude to you and your HOTTIE and all the Backbone riders, I'm broke but I'll be back. Thanks for the sick SUNLINE carbon bars Schippers! Late!

***Glad to hear you had a great time this year, isn't that what it's all about? I look forward to next season, and hopefull we can all get together soon and talk about how great we were in 1992 or something! See ya Court!*************


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