Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!!

Hi my boils and ghouls, how are you? I have a twisted treat for you...JIM ROFF in his new jammies! This will be the new Backbone team clothing for '06, please make a note of it! Please do NOT eat the "Baby-Ruth" at the bottom of the pool.
I gave all the kiddies apples tonight....I wonder how many eggs will be on my car tomorrow morning. When the little tird-burglers say "Trick or Treat," can you throw a nose-wheelie -to-tail-whip as a trick? Does that count? Have fun tonight everyone, see ya next weekend!


Sunday, October 30, 2005

Just Pix!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Glendale Heavies

It occured to me at the cyclocross race, that many of you do not know who the Glendale Heavies are. James asked me who the lads were in the Kenda e-z up and I was stunned that he had no idea who they were! The "Heavies" are an absolutely INDISPENSABLE aprt of Backbone Adventure Cycling. They come to many of our races, from Bonelli to Mammoth, to support and assist the team. Some of the nicest, and LARGEST guys I have ever met, they come to us via our comrade Ara. The first one I met was Short-Stakk, a.k.a. the Human Hood Ornament. Stakk has taken countless photos of Backbone racers, and fed many of you at the events. He was almost wiped out last year by a woman who ran a red light, and turned Stakk into a gelatenous pile of goo. He has bounced back, and has been an integral part of the team ever since.
We also have Alex, a.k.a. "Tiny." Alex is one of the funniest mo-fo's I have ever met, and does a wicked impersonation of Liberace. Or Richard Simmons. He is the guy who helps me haul 5,000 pounds of stuff to the team pit area, and also feeds the racers at some remote course location. Next, we have the large and in charge SAKO. This guy is so muscled up, you could read freeway directions off the veins in his arms. He single-handedly lifts and moves all four of the team e-z-ups, at once. Alone. Yet with all that brawn, he remains to be one of the coolest guys you'll ever meet. Elias and Juan round out the Glendale Heavies. These two are brothers, and brother what massive pair these two are. Eclipses occur when these boys stand up. They are so big, the Earth's tides often respond to their geographic location.
I wanted to take a second and pay a debt of gratitude to our beloved support crew. We could not do it without them! Thanks, dudes!

Cap'n Chris

Friday, October 28, 2005

Camp-N-Ride '05!

Hey kids! The 4th annual Camp-N-Rizzle is set for next weekend, and it looks to be bigger than ever. Sycamore Canyon will play host again, with rides until we all pass out. Road and mountain rides will be available for evry level, and on Saturday evening we will have the famous raffle-o-death! Games like "Tractor Pull" will be contested on the spot, and I personally will hand a beer to the first nekked midnight ocean swimmer on Saturday night. I can't wait to see all the friends and teammates we rarely get to see, and I look forward to the new faces as well.
Showers available on site, and water. Bring camp-stoves and everything you will need to feed and care for your own needs! Bring portable coffee presses, as no power outlets will be available for pots.
Bring lots of film and beer (Firestone Double Barrell or Guinness), as one begets the other. Hope to see ya'll there!

Cap'n Chris

Thursday, October 27, 2005

My Friend Jim

My friend Jim is a lot of things. He's a husband to my friend Rhoda. He's a father to my friend Bri. He's a best friend to me, and I imagine to a great many others out there as well. My friend Jim always calls back. My friend Jim has consistently beat my ass on each and every bike ride we have ever done. My friend Jim always sucks it up when we are late, and acts as though it isn't PISSING him off. He always has a smile and the right answer, and if I'm lucky, a really disturbingly nasty joke. He donates more time to my team (as does his family), than I do sometimes. Jim gets along with each and every single person that I have ever known. Jim is a hell of a bike rider, and has proven at least 9,000 times in this past year alone. Jim accepts me for the low-life, dirt-bag that I am. He always, and I mean always, has my back. Jim listens to the frustrations of my relationship, my work, and everything else I can create. My friend Jim all but paid my rent for the months I took off work to get the team off the ground.
His wife fed me, his daughter let me crash in their camper, while she slept on the floor or with her parents. They have seen me at my best, and at my worst. My friend Jim still calls me back, after seeing the latter. My friend Jim was like the friend I had since sixth grade. Thing is, I just met Jim last year. I am thankful every second of every day for my friend Jim, and his wife, and daughter. I am a better person for having met them, and use them as a barometer for my behavior every day.
My friend Jim is moving to Colorado. As much as I understand why, it still sucks.
My friend Jim will be missed by more than just me. He will also be missed by all of our team members, supporters, sponsors, and all those fortunate enough to have the Roff's at an event they weren't even racing. Jim, Rhoda, and Bri, we don't want you to go, but wish you the best, and will always be here for you no matter what. Good luck, and don't get too comfortable out there. You'll be back, shoveling snow in a crime free, affordable, scenic, healthy environment only goes so far...:)

Cap'n chris

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Idyllwild wins AMBC nod!

It is UN-official! With only a date to be set, Katie Hedrick's (Idyllwild Racing) brain child "Idyllwild Spring Challenge" has earned AMBC status! Backbone Adventure Cycling has ALREADY donated to this race raffle, and will be featured on the event t-shirts for the second straight year. This was one of the toughest races the guys had ever done, and was clearly a "true mountain bikers" race. Congrats to Katie and Idyllwild Racing for a great venue, about to be greater!
All is not well, however. The Forest service, as of Oct 30th, plans to shut down any and all mtn bike traffic to all the popular trails in the Idyllwild valley area. There will be meetings soon, so if anyone can come help let their voices be heard, now is the time. WE ALWAYS THINK THAT IT WON'T HAPPEN IN OUR AREA, but it is happening, in all our back yards. Please take some time to fight your right to use your land, provided to you by your forefathers. Call me or e-mail for info on the meetings...

Thanks everyone!

Cap'n Chris

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Transitions Suck

That's right, they do. Cyclocross racing would be perfect if not for those DAMN transitions! Who gets off the bike during a race, just because? If I want to lift something up, let it be a beer, or maybe Beauford. Actually, the dismount and gate jumping was ok, the re-mounting is what really sucks. No momentum (at least not when I feebly attempted it) at all, really. Strangely enough, it looked REALLY fast when Burt did it in BOTH of his races today....and come to think of it, Christie beat my average speed by .5 mph, so she was having no problems either. the transitions don't suck, I suck...but it was still way too fun, and I will keep doing them until the transitions no longer suck. I felt great, had fun, and was really wierd to see Greg show pictures of a race, and I was in them!! Thanks Greg for taking pix and yelling. Actually, thanks to Bert, Christie, Teri, Ara, James, Stack, Alex, and James' new squeeze for all the support. The yelling helps, really!
So, Bert took second place in single speed, then RAN back up to register for the Men's b-division race (again on single-speed) and placed 11th! Holy crap man, what is wrong with you?? Christie, now Pro, is now 1 out of 1 for Pro podiums! Not a bad way to start off the career. Christie took a 5th today, not bad, especially considering the incredibly fast company she was with. I did not get last. The men's C field was the deepest, with 41 riders. I finished in 29th, and it was those damn transitions...

Next time, baby, next time!

Cap'n Chris

Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Bug

Eight o'clock at night, and it seems I have caught it again. In all it's anxious, eye-popping, nerve wracking glory. I'm infected with a long dead bug that used to rule my life, my very existence. It defined who I was for so many years, I quit counting.
Then, one day, I was free from it's adrenaline inducing grip. That freedom has come to a shrieking, brake sizzling halt.
Racing my bike was something I did like some kind of freak. Mostly it resulted from a lack of viable, reliable sex partners. Not having a girlfriend makes training really easy. How else do you get rid of that frustration and angst? You ride until the fight to mate has been sweated, bled and otherwise wrested from your being. I was burnt, though, after ten plus years, and thought I'd hang it up.

Until Today...

Today started out much like any other. Coffee, more coffee, then as my hands shook from too much coffee, a bowl of oatmeal. Today was different, though, slightly.

Today I awoke smiling, kind of nervous. Happy and anxious, but nervous. It felt strangely familiar, this sweaty-palmed maniacal sense awash throughout my body. I loaded up the car, and went to the cycling Mecca called Glendale. At Verdugo Park, I fell under the inescapable bug again. Today, I pre-rode the cyclocross course for tomorrows race. Racing....the bug. I can't wait, and fear I may have re-infected myself for another ten year period or so. I will get punished by the well trained masses tomorrow, but I guarantee no one will be happier at the end of the day than I.
The bug has me in it's muddy, dirty, grasp again. Thank God.


Thursday, October 20, 2005

Cyclocross Shizzle!

Hi freaks....anyone down to pre-ride the CX course with a brother on Saturday am? I am going to see if I can lift my huge, swollen, gravy filled hamhock over the obstacle laden course for Sundays "heart-attack-in-training" race. I am so slow now, Beauford calls me a pussy! I tried to pull my KENDA shorts on tonight, and realized that SPANDEX has a structural capacity that I may be exceeding..not to mention a "good-taste" barrier that I am DEFINATELY exceeding. I won't need bottles at the feed zones, I would rather have some of those killer honey-bbq wings from KFC, and a Guinness. I tried out my SWEET new Sigma HRM, and when I put the chest strap on, I almost feinted. It looked like a rubber band on a Rhinocerous! In the words of the great and powerful Paris Hilton..."That's Hot."

Cap'n Chris

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Red Bull Street Rage coming

Hey folks! The Red Bull Road rage is coming to La Tuna Canyon Road in Malibu...the same weekend as the Camp-N-Rizzle! Anyone wanting to see the mtb set erase the roadies on an all pavement DH course, it will be close to our camp-ground! Top road and mountain Pros (like you guys!) will be on hand to duke out, in a single beat-the-clock format, and a 4 Cross format! Bring a spatula, cuz there's gonna be some 'leavins on the road!
Also, Rhoda is having a going away party for her early departure to Colorado on the same weekend as Camp-N-Rizzle. Anyone who can go should contact Jim! I found out about it after getting campgrounds, and am woefully upset that I can't make it....I guess Rhoda and I will have to go somewhere else..alone....:)


Monday, October 17, 2005

James Gets Some!

Well, our little James finally is all grown up. I thought it odd that he did not show for the Cal State race. I found it odd that he has not responded to the Blog, or e-mails. I now know why. JAMES IS GETTIN' SOME!!!! Congrats to James on this new endeavor, and we hope it rubs off (insert joke here) on Abel and Flyin' Ryan, but NOT Oscar, who has two kids already. We will likely not here from King James for a while, but we will be here, just in case. Bon Chance, James, git 'er done. :)

NOTE TO ALL...ex-team sponsor Shoreline Cycles will field a team at the Cyclocross race this weekend. Anyone who registers and beats one of theirs will get beer, on ME!

See you all this weekend!

Cap'n Chris

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Pat "The Wallett" Follett to leave TBB

In an unexpected move, Pat Follett of Team Big Bear has decided to call it quits. Tom Spiegel, the other half of TBB, will take full control for '06. Pat has decided to roll it up, and move to Colorado. Don't count Pat out as retired though. He may just be looking to get out from under the oppressive cloak of Snow Summit, and the California legal system. This decision comes on the heels of Pat and Tom's Hall of Fame Induction one year anniversary. We will miss Pat, and his hard work at the races we frequent.
How about that rain last night!?! Due to a gift (sore throat) by my woamn, I am out of luck for a ride today. Conditions look perfect too, and I am sad to have to stay indoors and watch the raiders get their asses beat by San Diego.
If anyone wants a huge laugh, come out and watch me get lapped at next weekend's cyclocross race in Glendale! Donate a dollar to the team for each time Bert speeds by me...on a single speed! Hope everyone had a hip and groovy day...

Cap'n Chris

Friday, October 14, 2005

'06 NCS SCHEDULE (tentative)

Here it is, and ya'll get it first! The 2006 "tentative" NORBA NCS schedule! We get to race one at Bonelli next year....SWEET! here goes, but I'm sure one or two changes will occur...

MAY 4th-7th.......NCS BONELLI....XC and 4X
19th-21st.....NCS SONOMA.....XC
JUNE 9th-11th.....NCS SUGAR MTN, NC..XC & DH
16th-18th....NCS MT. SNOW, VT...XC & DH
JULY 7th-9th......NCS DEER VALLEY, UT..XC & DH
21st-23rd....NCS MAMMOTH
AUG. 4th-6th......NCS BRIAN HEAD, UT...XC & DH
12th-14th....NCS SNOWMASS.........XC & DH

***SONOMA and Brian Head may switch, be advised!*******

Time to put in for that vacation time!!

Cap'n Chris

Forest Service Plans

Hi everyone! I received the new Forest Service plan for the upcoming year, and wanted to share with you the news, and where the next meetings will be held regarding our land. I will quote it verbatim...."The Forest service intends to supply mtn biking opportunities on official NFS trails. Mtn Biking on system roads and trails is suitable in all land use zones (including Back Country Motorized Use Restricted and Critical biological zones. Except existing and recommended wilderness or as otherwise prohibited. For example, riding is prohibited on P.C.T. Riding off system trails (e.g. utility corridors or user-created trails and roads) will no longer be allowed."
This is worrisome, as "Wilderness" areas, both real and PROPOSED (i.e. not yet APPROVED as wilderness area) are off limits. This affects all of us, as many trails we love will fall under this designation, from Ventura to San Diego to San Bernardino.
Meetings w the Forest Service will be held all over So. Cal., and you can call me for dates and times, or go to the web-sites at....

Please attend these meetings if time permits, as our input and presence weighs big on the decision making process.

Thanks everyone, and continue to check the KENDA web-site for updates!

Cap'n Chris

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Colorado Closed!

This just in! The entire State of Colorado has been closed to all new prospective residents. This is good, as we here at Backbone Adventure adventure Cycling are all in denial about the Roff's plannd move to said state.
On a more businessy note.......DH jerseys will be the next team clothing item made. ON THE DOCKET is the question of shorts for the growing xc team. Custom logo shorts for the team, a 25 pc. minimum order, will run the team about 1,850.00 clams. What does everyone want? Please let me know, so i can place that order in time to get them for the start of next season.
Christie is doing a awesome dirt ride in Redlands this Saturday, and Desi and I will be doing a local road ride at 8 am, from our house to Griffith. Anyon down for either?


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

State Overalls Posted!

Hey freaks! Here is a quick run down of the Cal State Finals...
Bert..............4th (expert), moved to Semi-Pro
and was in 1st leading in to this race.
Vegas Bob....10th
Ara................3rd xc, 3rd super-d.
Jim................39th (one race), 9th super-d.
James...........38th (one race)
Taylor...........3rd super-d

Thanks guys and gals,especially those who out-lasted me at the awards ceremony! Talk to you all tomorrow......


Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Hey everyone! Big news from the team of the last weeks of the season, we have had FOUR riders move up a category. In order of date moved up, we have Taylor Libolt (Pro DH) at Mammoth.....Bert Blanchette (Semi-Pro XC).....Teri Strayer (Pro XC)...and Christie Pleiss (Pro XC). Congrats to all of you, you have really worked hard in the past few years, and have earned the right to be in the upper echelons of the sport we all love. Taylor, get me some shots of you, dude! See ya soon...

Cap'n Chris

Monday, October 10, 2005

It's Over (for now)!

Well everyone, it's been a loooooong season. Anyone down for cyclocross? Fontana winter series, maybe? How about the Greg Pleiss Skate Ramp Invitational? Ok, fine, get some rest then. Thanks to you all, racers and team supporters alike. It has been amazing to watch all of you become friends, and to see how you all held it together to get through over TWENTY races since March. You guys are the greatest group I have ever had the priviledge of riding with. Any other teams stay together as long as you all did this year? NOPE. I am working on better things for next year, and we will see if we can't continue to move up to a point where WE get to have a team trailer at Brian Head! :)
Special thanks to the support crew, without whom this could never work. Rhoda, Bri, Stakk and the Heavies, Greg, Desi, Mr. Movsessian, Arin, Edith, Abel's little brother, and even though he races, JAY, for always being there for the XC team. You all know who you are, and there are too many instances to write down. I hope to see you all at the 4th annual Camp-N-Rizzle, so I can thank you all in person. You all have been better than great, you have been perfect. I 'll work hard to get you the things you need, you guys take the next three months off and have some FUN........

Cap'n Chris